JJC CL-B11 Air Blower Blue

JJC CL-B9 Blue Cyclone Blower Dust Cleaning Pump for Camera & Video Camcorder
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JJC CL-B11 BLUE Air Blower fits cleaning different items such as camera, keyboard, television, monitor, LCD screen, lens, glass, precision instrument and so forth, which can remove the dust and erase the smudges from these delicate items without leaving residues. The scientific design of gasbag and air nozzle makes the Air Blower strong to clean the items. The Air Blower features natural, environmentally friendly and non-toxic characteristics. Moreover, it is easy to grasp and can provide a comfortable feeling for you via the ergonomic groove design on its surface. In addition, the Air Blower has a small volume for easily storing and carrying.


Product Highlights

Effectively remove the dust and erase the smudges

Without leaving residues

Scientific design of gasbag and air nozzle

Natural, environmentally friendly and non-toxic

Ergonomic grooves design makes the air blower easy to grasp and provides a comfortable feeling

Small volume for easily storing and carrying

Technical Specs

Weight Net  Weight(g) 42g
Gross Weight(g) 57g
Full Size 53*53*120mm
Size Package Packaging type Carton
Packing size 55*55*160mm
Material PVC


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