JJC 9 in 1 Cleaning Kit

JJC CL-9 Cleaning Kit contains several items that can be used to keep your cameras, lenses, filters and other optics free from dust and dirt. Among them, the Lens Cleaning Liquid is safe and efficient. It has no corrosive chemicals and can clean your lens effectively.
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Lens Cleaning Liquid x 1pc

Powerful Air-Blower x 1pc

Lens Cleaning Pen x 1pc

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1pc

Lens Cleaning Paper x 50pcs

Dry and Wet Cleaning Wipes x 1pc

Sensor Cleaner x 2pcs

Pointed Tip Cotton Swab x 10pcs

Storage Pouch x 1pc

Instruction Manual x 1pc

Net Weight 117g
Gross Weight 183g
Packing size 85*65*185mm
Packaging type Carton


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