Godox MS300W 3 x Light KIT

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3* DS Flash Head
3* Lighting Stand 304 (2m high)
1* Softbox SB-BW (60X60cm)
1* Umbrella UB-002 (33″black & silver)
2* Standard Reflector (4″)
1* Wireless Radio Trigger DM-16
1* Carrying Bag CB-06
1* Sync Line (3m)
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Flash Details

DS Series Flash is a small and lightweight strobe. With Bowens-style mount, it can add almost any studio flash accessories on the flash head. Using an optional remote control FT-16, you can wirelessly adjust the power level, turn the modeling lamp and buzzer sound on or off, and trigger the flash. Suitable for e-commerce product photography, headshots and lifestyle photography. In large studio shooting, it can function as high light, background light or hair light.

1. Short flash duration and fast recycle time
2. Wireless power adjusting and flash triggering (optional)
3. Compact & lightweight body with Bowens mount
4. Equipped with M/S1/S2 flash mode
5. Adjusts from 5.0 to 8.0 in 0.1 increments (1/32-1/1)
6. Steplessly adjustable 150W modeling lamp



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